Client Testimonials About Our Legal Service

Liana is everything you want in your lawyer: compassionate, knowledgeable, approachable and 100% committed to your case.
She communicated throughout the process in a way I could understand. She helped me get the best possible outcome following my car accident because she really cares about her clients. I could not be more thankful. Don't hesitate to call her. I highly recommend, and you will not be disappointed!!
- Diana Newton

Hello Ms. Bizios...You have been and will always be my favorite lawyer, who has done a tremendous job with great success over the years with the cases you have represented me. What I appreciate very much, besides your professional knowledge, is that you are very honest with your clients and try to get them the best possible amount they deserve, moreover in the shortest period of time. Besides, I must add you treat your clients with great respect and keep them abreast of their case in progress. I would recommend your services to friends, family and colleagues any time. You are most definitely the BEST attorney who represents auto accident cases. "Forget the rest go for the BEST."

Sincerely yours,
Patrick Fernandes

I wanted to write a quick thank you for the dedicated and thorough hard work that Liana Bizios provided to me. I had just moved to Chicago for only 2 days and was involved in a dramatic head on and rear end car accident on Western Avenue. I needed a good and reliable attorney, and was very pleased to have found Liana. She was upfront, informative and gave me a good idea of a timetable on what to expect on our case. Her responsiveness made me feel that she cared. The case ended up setting with the insurance providers for a good amount. I would recommend her services to anyone needing a great personal injury attorney.

Thank you,
Philip H.

While riding my mountain bike 2 blocks from my Chicago Lakeview neighborhood home on a sunny, mild early November Saturday, I was hit by an SUV which failed to stop at a stop sign. Severely injured, I knew I would need legal representation to guide me through the coming weeks and months. I called an old friend who had been injured in a car accident a couple of years earlier, and he gave me Liana Bizios's contact information.

I called Liana the next day, she took my call immediately and we set up a meeting at her Chicago Loop office for the following day. During our meeting it was very apparent that Liana was smart, tough, a great listener, and a go-getter who was going to fight for me.

I knew right then and there that I didn't need to look any further for legal representation. In a very straightforward manner, Liana set up the terms and guidelines for our working relationship.

I went through 3 surgeries, which included the rebuilding of my hip and knee and a double cervical fusion in my neck, along with extensive physical therapy. All through this process, Liana worked doggedly to protect my rights in multiple court hearings while the opposing insurance company lawyers attempted to use every trick in the book to either get us to quit or have our case dismissed. Liana got a favorable decision from the judge at every hearing.

Knowing surgeons typically do not enjoy testifying at trials, Liana went above and beyond the call in getting my surgeons to agree to testify on my behalf at trial, if it came to that.

Liana also did a great job negotiating with the hospitals and insurance companies to greatly reduce the bottom line costs of my surgeries.

No matter the day or hour, Liana always took my calls and she was very quick to alert and advise me of every new development in our case. With our trial date only days away, Liana was able to secure a fair and equitable settlement with the opposing insurance company.

Within 1 week I was handed a check for my share of the settlement personally by Liana at her Chicago office, exactly as she always said it would be.

Though we met under difficult circumstances, after witnessing her talent, sincerity, and knowledge of the law, I am very glad to have been represented by Liana Bizios and would highly recommend her to anyone in need of great legal representation.

Brian C.

I was in the taxi business for years, and my drivers, unfortunately, were in several accidents. There was only one accident that didn't turn out to be a big loser for me, and that was the one Liana Bizios handled.

On Sept. 14, 2014, my driver was t-boned in the small hours of the morning at Foster and Western in Chicago. The driver retained Liana for his injuries, and she said she would throw in representing me on the the loss of the car. Free.

It was not an easy case: the other driver's boyfriend made false witness (he wasn't even there).

Three months later, the driver had his injuries taken care of to his satisfaction, and I had $ 7,500 to more than replace the 6-year-old Ford.

I barely had to do anything. Liana always answered my phone calls ( whch is rare). She was kind to me and the driver, and conducted herself ethically all the time.

Irv Leavitt
Able Mouse Media

Hello Liana,

I wanted to take a little time to write a nice review for a lawyer that has been a personal favorite of mine, now for years. Aggressive and so efficient, you have handled all of my cases with such diligence. You have always handled your clients with such respect, giving an honest and accurate assessment of the case and what can be expected at time of settlement.

Thanks for handling my case, Liana. I know it wasn't a simple one. Thanks for everything.

Yukta M.

I never forgot your help, especially about my daughter. I appreciate what you did for me and I always remember you. God bless you and thank you with well wishes."

Khawar Kishwar

Dear Ms. Bizios,

I would like to thank you very much for all the efforts you have put in, working with the adjuster trying to maximize the potential pay-off. Also, keeping me abreast in terms of the case. You, as usual, have been a great professional attorney, along with that very personal touch of caring for your clients at all times. Having known you for the past 25 years has been a great experience for me. You have always served and represented me with great care and I will always refer any of my friends and/or people I know or meet to you. God bless you and your family. Thanks very much for everything. Best wishes,


James Wallace

I have been a client for at least 20 years and Liana has handled every legal matter for me. She is an attorney that I would highly recommend.

Cathy Fox

Liana took my stress level down when I came into a situation! Her knowledge and calming voice helped immensely. I can’t thank you enough.