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Liana A. Bizios

The Cases and Clients vary, but the Goal remains the same: Vigorous Representation to secure the most Compensation

Chicago Personal Injury Attorney Since 1987
I am a graduate of Loyola University, Chicago, and Loyola University School of Law and have been a practicing attorney since 1987. I honed my advocacy skills at an exceptional personal injury boutique law firm prior to starting my own firm in 1992.

For over three decades, I have been providing Aggressive, Effective, and Experienced legal representation to the injured in the City of Chicago and the surrounding Chicago land area.

My clients are, and have always been, my top priority. Whether someone has sustained minor injuries in an accident or serious, life-altering injuries, each client deserves and receives vigorous advocacy. My priority in each accident case is to obtain full compensation for the injured client in the shortest amount of time possible.

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